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First off, I normally disable offline files in a desktop environment/small office. I inherited an environment where the following is in production:

- Old DC/File/Print server.
- New DC/File/Print server.
-User "My Documents" and "Desktop" are redirected to old file server share "Netdata".
-GPO Mapped drive letter "O" is mapped to "Netdata".
-Windows 7 desktops have offline files "Synced" to "Netdata".

My plan is the following:

-Robocopy comapny shares including "Netdata" to \\Newserver\sharename
-Create new Mapped drives GPP objects and link them to the domain.

I have done several migrations like the one above but I've never ran across an environment where offline files was set to sync an entire drive letter. I remember a little while back one of my coworkers (No longer with the company and it looks like I lost his cell phone) ran into an issue with offline files performing a similar migration. In that case I remember the users docs being located in c:\csc and had to be copied over to the new share.

I'd like to avoid any issues or "Break" anything in the customer's eyes with this project. Maybe I'm overthinking this but I really don't want anything to happen with this project (Brand new client).

Has any one dealt with a similar environment or see offline files deployed in such a fashion.

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