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    One thing that I like about the Betas is that the financial outlay isn't so large. I'm still what I would consider poor, so saving up a few hundred $$ takes me like 3 pay periods

    but these $50 betas I can afford to lay out in one period. So I'm not as stressed over the cost and passing so so hardcore.
    Counter that with the fact that there aren't yet practice tests that I can take because it's only the Beta, but I still feel somewhat better about wasting the $50 if I fail, and if so then I've got a window into the test for next time and areas to bone up on.

    It isn't really a waste of $50. You have a chance to pass. It is also an inexpensive preview and a way to see if you really think you want to take that test later. Imagine if you had spend hundreds on this test and saw it for the first time? I am glad I took this beta. It showed me how good these CompTIA tests really have become.
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    There was definitely a lot of scripts & cmds that run those scripts that I probably failed on...I think I failed it with like a 60/40 margin...there were bluntly straight questions/answers that if you knew it, then you probably got it right, but some had a couple of "depends on how you want to interpret" the scenario type questions/answers...if that will confuse you some more. All in all, fair test, had plenty of time to get the 5 PF knocked out & the rest just multiple choice with some 2 or 3 answer questions. Guess we will find out the results in Fall (I'm guessing). Cheers & Hi5!
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    I agree that several questions depend on point of view for a correct answer. I tried to put on my pen tester hat to answer those, even though I didn't think those were fair questions.
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    I took the exam yesterday, probably failed.

    You need to know: nmap, Metasploit, HTML, Python, BASH scripting, and mobile devices, among other things.

    For example, they give a page of HTML and you have to know how to find and fix vulnerabilities in the code.

    Lots of nmap, you need to know nmap in some depth.

    You need to know python as it relates to networking and security. An intro course in python will probably not cover it.

    With bash, you need to know about redirecting all the 2>& sort of stuff.

    Also should know enough SQL to be able to recognize SQL injections.

    CompTIA seems to be phasing out the straight-up multiple choice questions. Lots of questions where you have to chose the two best answers. Fair number of drag-n-drop type questions.

    You also need to know netcat (nc). I just remembered there were two or three nc questions.
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    I second Walter, just took the Exam a few hours ago. Although I only had 15-20 or so Scripting questions, most of my Q's revolved around tools and their outputs. I think there is a small chance I passed but most likely it's a close fail.

    You definetly need to know Python. Metasploit Modules to use and the most up to date and well known CVE's.
    It was a great exam to take and will most likely have fun doing it again!
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    Took the test yesterday. It was indeed very difficult. Pretty sure I failed but I had fun. I plan to officially take again if I fail and put in a lot of labbing time. If I pass I still plan to lab and learn more as I genuinely gained interest for penetration testing.

    I felt like this site did an extremely good job in giving me a good general overview break down of the subject: The Penetration Testing Execution Standard
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    Best of luck to those brave souls who attempted this beta exam! That was no cakewalk!
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    Anyone get results yet?
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    Don't stress out about it. You'll get the results in about six weeks. They are ready when they are ready. You'll get an email or letter or both.

    If you are stressed out about it, then check your CompTIA certs on the CompTIA web site every day.
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