CISSP New Exam Outline Effective April 15, 2018

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Hello - I am trying to decide if I should study for my CISSP or wait until after April 15, 2018. I do not want to waist time studying old material if it will be less relevant on the new test. Maybe I should invest the next 2 months studying for an easier cert and then pick back up CISSP once the new study material is released? I don't think I can study for 2 months before the April 15th dead line and be ready to take the test. I read the FAQ on the ISC2 website and they say
***"(ISC)² exams are experience-based that include experience-based questions that cannot be learned by studying alone. If you already have the experience in the domains covered in CISSP and believe that you have sufficiently studied those domains, you should feel confident that you are qualified to take the new exam and pass it. (ISC)² cannot guarantee you will pass the exam."
Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject or words of wisdom? Do you think if I study the old material that it may still be relevant enough to assist in me passing the CISSP? (I have about 15 years IT exp and 8 years of Infosec experience)


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    I'm sure that a good portion of the old exam objectives will be relevant. It won't be 100% new. You could look at the current objectives and start learning those now and then adapt to the new ones when they are posted. If you want to work on an easier certification in the meantime, depending on your current experience level, you may consider Security+ or SSCP. Actually, SSCP would be a good prep for CISSP.
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    I saw somwhere on the net the new outline for 2018. I would say that 95% is the same content, they just updated it to include thing like IoT
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    Thanks for the link- that is very helpful =) I already have my security + and have been working in infosec for 8 years. Based on that link and other feedback I have revived I will push forward with studying the current CISSP material and adapt as new information becomes available.
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