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I was wondering if anyone had any experience with scripting classes or if there are any certs for it. I looked at some MS training for powershell but the syllabus doesn't show what I am looking for specifically.

I work for an MSP supporting small to medium sized businesses. I am looking to get better at pushing firmware/BIOS updates to encrypted laptops/desktops. As you may know BIOS updates are tough to push when the drives are using full disk encryption. Just look to automate more then what we already do.


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    Google is going to be your best bet for finding scripts for specific things. With Powershell there is a ton already out there. You can find classes and training on Powershell online... But they will be very general as Powershell can do a ton of different things. There won't be any certs that just cover specifically just Powershell. The MCSA certs do cover them a lot though.

    Really Googling tasks your looking to accomplish is your best option. Its the only source I've used to learn it.
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    May want to take a look at and see how people created their scripts for ideas.

    Programs are really just 3 things:

    1) Sequential logic
    2) Decision logic
    3) Looping logic

    Master the above and you can use any programming language.
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    Thanks for the feedback and links.
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    I've really enjoyed the Learn [keyword] in a month of lunches books on Amazon. they've got some good powershell ones to start you off.
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    Python 3 Scripting for sysadmins ?
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