My certificate says CE?

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I have a question. I just passed my SYO-401 exam yesterday, and the certificate says certified-CE?
The first time I took the test, I failed and this was my second attempt.

I thought the CE distinction was for the 2nd time you passed using continuing education credits?
Does anyone have any idea why me cert says CE?

Did I get the wrong one?

Note: This is my first cert of any kind with CompTIA.



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    I think they've been CE since they switched from lifetime certs. I got mine in 2015, and it said CE when I got it.
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    CE stands for "Continuing Education". It just means that you have to get a certain amount of CEUs within a 3 year time period and pay your membership fees in order to keep your cert current. You can also opt to just take the exam again when your current cert expires OR you can pass a higher level exam to renew your sec+ cert.
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    Simply can ONLY get the ce version. The non ce version was several years ago (2010ish and before) where the certification was a good for life certification and did not require continuing education to maintain.
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