Secuity Certs path, I Need Help!!

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hello guys,

I am new here. I have a bachelor of applied science in information Systems: security and forensics.

I'm still stuck in IT support, it seems like companies are not satisfied with my degree, they say I don't have enough experience.
I've been working as an IT support for almost 7 years. I need to develop my career, all companies need ask for security experience.
I'm not getting a chance in getting security experience.

Instead of killing my career I need to get some certifications.

I need an advise, I don't know whether I go with SSCP, CEH, or GIAC certs. I'm interested in network security as a starter.


After my bachelor, which certificate should I get.... ?



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    Out of the three, I would go for the SSCP, if you are paying for it. If your company will pay for, go for the GIAC certs (GSEC).
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    stryder144 wrote: »
    Out of the three, I would go for the SSCP, if you are paying for it. If your company will pay for, go for the GIAC certs (GSEC).

    I agree. At some point though, honestly, you may want to also consider Security+. SSCP is more challenging I expect, but Security+ has a lot of recognition as a foundational certification with our managers when looking for an entry-level analyst. To me , if you get SSCP out of the way, with a little extra study specific to Sec+ you could knock that one out quick.
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    Are you applying to entry level positions? If not, you should be. Search for keywords like entry level, junior, associate etc. Also note that the majority of job descriptions are often wish-lists.

    As far as certifications go, Security+, SSCP is a good start.
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    Since you have 7 years experience, You can start with Security+ or SSCP.
    Self-study will be appropriate.
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    Make sure, though, when you look for future IT security opportunities that you are finding ways to "sell" how your current experience can help you in an IT security role. I don't know exactly what your 7 years of "IT Support" mean exactly, but if you have been supporting client devices, surely you have some experience with investigating malware or virus issues, scripting, or physical security for network devices in branch offices, user and group permissions, IP addressing, DNS etc. I've worked with a couple new "security analysts" that were fresh out of school with no experience, and although they may have some decent IT security book knowledge, that lack of experience in just any IT role shows. Perhaps, make a list for yourself how your current responsibilities help you understand IT security, and where you may actually have some experience, and find a way to present such in an interview or resume.
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