What does Blockchain mean for Cybersecurity?

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I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the subject?

It's going to disrupt a lot of industries and I was wondering what the effect was going to be on network professionals.

Deloitte put out an article addressing the technology and it sparked the question.

Article : https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/ie/Documents/Technology/IE_C_BlockchainandCyberPOV_0417.pdf


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    I think it's an answer looking for a problem. Public key cryptography for example. What a cool idea back in the 1970s. But how to use it? I don't know how many years it took before we figured out how useful it can be for website certificates, though there are limitations and challenges.

    I think the same might happen with blockchain. Well maybe a little different because electronic communication wasn't so prominent in those PKI days. That and I don't think anyone sunk a billion dollars into public key crypto. I might have a nearsighted opinion though (I think AI is a bit hyped too).
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