Malware Analysis - I need some malware

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I work in digital forensics and also do some incident response. I'm looking to get more into a dedicated IR role and many jobs ask for some malware knowledge. I have some initial triaging and basics stuff, but would like to learn a bit more.

I'd like to ideally download some malware to my VM to start looking at and analysing, to use as a test study.

Is there any Malware Analysts out there that can advise on a good starting point?

I know basic things like looking at :
  • Hash value of the malware
  • Running through strings
  • identifying packer with PeID
  • Static vs Dynamic analysis
  • Running it and looking at:
    • Ports
    • Processes
    • Autoruns
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Registry changes
    • New Users
But as stated, I need to just tidy my knowledge up and learn a bit more about the actual hands on stuff.
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