Passed CISSP Today

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Today was my first attempt at the CISSP CAT Exam and I have provisionally passed it. I had 100 questions on the exam. When I started out, I was reading each question five times and decided I would exhaust myself doing that so I started reading it the question, answers, and question again. For many questions, I wished there was a little more information in it, but I answered them with the best answer given what I had.

I'm waiting for the official e-mail. I felt like the exam was hard and it did a good job of testing for the best answer and that someone understood the application of a concept and not just the concept. I started studying back in late 2017 and studied a hour or two most nights. I used the following resources:

1) Sybex Guide: I read this first, but wished afterwards that I had read it second to reinforce concepts I having difficulty with.
2) Full Syngress Guide: I wish I had read this one first, it was an easier read than the Sybex Guide.
3) 11th Hour Book: I read this two weeks before the exam and used it as a high level overview of concepts and areas of difficulty.
4) Pocket Prep Questions: I answered these twice beginning after I finished the first book. It was useful for understanding terminology and definitions.
5) CCCure: These helped me with the question format and some of the method to think about the questions and concepts. I did about 1200 of these questions.


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    Congrats on the pass man!
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