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Hi guys,

I'm planning on booking my 70-698 for the first week of June.
I've been working through pluralsight, have the final chapter to go and have both the office Microsoft book and the MCSA cert guide - Which I think is better.
Do you think this is enough material to pass the exam? On Transcender i'm scoring about 60% and on the learning check per module on pluralsight about 7-9/10.



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    As long as you have some workable experience with Windows 10, yes.
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    If you have been using Windows 10 even normally at home then the exam is easy. Learn under the hood stuff like VPN, network options etc and you are good to go.
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    Hi all,
    i just started for preparing 70-698, finished a classroom class, I don't have any it background.
    I want to involve this discussion related to preparation
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    Hi stra1ght_arrow,

    I've recently passed my 70-698 exam - last week infact, I've been using CBT Nuggets and the Official Microsoft 70-698 study guide.

    Like yourself I have been doing practice exams with Transender.

    I've been achieving 55% each time - never going above this score so well done on your score.

    I took the exam the first time and failed but then took the exam the second time and passed.

    Pass score for the official exam is 700 - I achieved 642 in my first exam and then 732 in my next one.

    I failed previously on my lack in the area of Implementing windows.

    So around 1 and a half months later I retook the exam.

    I focused primarily on Implementing Windows on my revision to the run up of the exam.

    I found that constantly getting 55% I was retaining knowledge of the other area's which was good as it meant I could focus on growth on Implementing Windows.

    I was finding that my practice exams where reflecting this.

    I will be honest, I kind of felt that the Transender practice exams are harder than the real thing.

    Having taken this exam twice I can tell you from my experience that the first 10 questions count a lot as you can not change the answers to them, you can not go back to them once chosen - try to be confident with your answers.

    I found that after the first 10 questions the next couple of questions are easy, until you get to the last 30 questions this is when it becomes a bit harder.

    In both my exams I got hit with storage spaces and had at least 3 powershell questions also.

    My best advice to you is that your doing great with your scores on transender, Just look at your scorecards at the end, see which area's your achieving lower in and revise these, you can even set transender to give you questions just about this top.

    Exam labs is another good alternative for more new fresh questions.

    When I'm doing my revision its commonly late at night after working and travelling all day so I can find it hard to take in information after time.

    Keep focused, work on your weaker area's and you'll beat this exam out of the water. icon_wink.gif:D
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    thanks to everyone who replied and for the advice. I have the exam tomorrow... I've done all pluralsight, CBT nuggets and made notes and flash cards from the panek book. I purchased 2 additional exams from Pearson and just scored 69.44 so i'm pretty much there.

    Does anyone know how authentic/comparable the pearson test prep exams are to the real thing?

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    I passed!

    764 on first attempt!

    Very tricky exam I thought. Not difficult just you need to make use of your time to check all fine details and work out if you're being misled slightly.

    Now for 70-697 :/
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