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Hi guys, I am preparing for take the SSCP certification , I am using the book from Darril Gibson "AIO" and the practice questions from the SSCP SYBEX TEST BANK guide from George B. Murphy, in boths practice questiosn my score was 85-90%, that make me feel trusted about the exam.

But when I tried to ask the practice questions from SSCP CBK my score was 10-15 % becouse many of the topics does not include in the DETAILED CONTENT OUTLINE (DCO), for example the topic "View-based access controls" it does not is include in the EXAM OUTLINE nither DCO.

I feel very confused becouse i dont know if that topics its gonna be in the exam.icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif

What do you think ? Is need it to read the CBK for to pass the exam ? Topics that does not is included in the DCO will appear on the exam ?

Do you have practice questions that help me to pass the exam and not make feel confused ?

thank you bro


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    I used Darril Gibson AIO book for my study. I would say it cover 95% of the subject. A quick reading of the CBK is suggested, but not a thorough reading.

    But after all, it all depend on your previous knowledge and experience.
  • Joe$Joe$ Posts: 6Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hi bro, sorry to answer to late , I am studing hard becouse, I want to pass in my first attemp.

    So you think that I am ready for the exam ?

    With the practice test from Darill Gibson and Sybex Test , I feel trusted, but only the CBK makes me feel afraid

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    If you haven't already, download the exam objectives from ISC(2) and ensure that you know something about everything they list. If it's on the list, chances are high that it'll be on the test.
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    Hi bro, I did my guide taking in consideration on EVERY POINT in the DETAILED CONTENT OUTLINE (DCO). I am studing every point in that guide, but only the guide from the CBK makes me feel afraid , becouse many of the topics of the DCO are not incuded on the CBK guide and I dont know if one of these strangers topics will be in the exam.

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