Cleared Work as a Network Admin/ Jr Network Engineer

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Does anyone know of a good company to work for in the Northern Virginia area that requires a clearance as a network admin/engineer. I currently work as a "Net Admin" right now but i find myself either doing unrelated network tasks or just sitting around studying..I wouldnt mind doing those things if thats what the job advertised me when I got hired.. I noticed a lot of the jobs here that require clearance aren't very challenging and are very slow.
I want to work some where that will use and challenge my skills and help me grow into a network engineer. Anyone know of any good companies in the DMV? I have a CCNA, Security+ , and now starting my CCNP studies.


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    Cisco is looking for network engineers all over the place that have clearances
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    In the Northern Virginia area? i mostly see them requiring a CCIE atleast.
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    Yeap, that's government work for you. You'll spend more time in change management meetings than doing the actual work.
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    Any work that I've ever heard of that involves a clearance is government/government contracting work. Which company has the specific contract to do certain work is constantly changing-I worked for three different companies doing the exact same work at the same place over a ten year period. That said network network network ( is a good start for searching for professional groups) and find out which contracts are doing work you'd like to do. Private industry tends to be much faster paced. You could opt to try that, you wouldn't be using your clearance but if you're unhappy enough with government contracting its always an option.
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    As a defense contractor in NW Florida, I get calls to go up to DC all the time, so I know there is ALOT of work to do up there. If you work on a government contract (ie - in a government facility for a private company) than the company does not really matter as much as the work you are doing. I suggest you look at some of the start-ups in the cyber or intelligence fields if you want something a bit more exciting than sitting around a military base waiting for the next issue to pop off. Also, if you're cleared and over contracting, the NSA is looking for good technical talent and is in a recruiting slump right now.
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    As a side note, what are some good websites to look for clearance opportunities?
  • devilbonesdevilbones Posts: 317Member ■■■■□□□□□□,, you can pretty much google cleared jobs in NoVA and get tons of results.
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