Should I do both RHCE and MCSE? If so, is it very hard?

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Hello everyone, I'm brand new here and have only recently found this site. I wanted to ask if it is beneficial to do both the RHCE and MCSE? If so, are they similar enough that the second one would be easier?


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    Sort of like studying to be both a doctor and a lawyer. Sure you could do both, but are you sure you need to? I could see taking one year apiece to get these and I'd probably do something else in those two years, depending on my goals.
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    What's your end goal? Is there a reason you're considering doing both? I know as of right now there are DoD contracting positions that require one or the other, and if you want to make yourself available for the larger number of positions it's not a bad idea to have both. This is a one off scenario though.

    Have you looked at what those initials stand for? To answer your second question, they're not even in the same family of operating systems. They're not remotely similar. They both also have perquisite certifications. Start with RHCSA or MCSA, then progress from there.
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    Those are two divergent paths. I actually think it would be tougher to master both simultaneously. Do one sequentially, then the other afterwards. Otherwise you may find it takes longer as one does not really compliment the other. And as others have said, a job may require one or the other, but I'd be interested myself to see a job description where both are mentioned simultaneously?
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    Do you have any experience with Linux...specifically RedHat?
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