Difference Between Console and login

dppagcdppagc Posts: 293Member
Console cable is using a blue cable to login your switch/router.
Login means retrieving login details in the database to access switch/ router.

Isnt login and login local same as console?
Or am I missing something?


  • Welly_59Welly_59 Posts: 431Member
    Login local just means use a local user/pass for authentic and can be applied to console or vty lines
  • dppagcdppagc Posts: 293Member
    I dont exactly get it. For telnet and ssh it is done remotely. But console is on the box itself. So how is console different from login local?
  • PsychoData91PsychoData91 Posts: 138Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    login local is meaning login using local users, versus using LDAP, Radius, or TACAS

    telnet and ssh are vty's and console is a cable.

    a vty is "virtual teletype" and "teletype" was an old-school remote access way over phones if I understand right (before my time)

    but given a sample config like below, vty is the access medium (in this case, converting sessions to SSH, not just unencrypted telnet)
    and "login" specifies that A valid username is required. could be any of the specified authentication sources, local or remote. If "login local" was specified, then it uses the local database of usernames and passwords set like

    "username james password biscuithead"

  • Node ManNode Man Posts: 668Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    telnet and ssh are protocols for transport of data.

    login local is a method to authenticate.
  • dppagcdppagc Posts: 293Member
    If I did not put "username james password biscuithead"

    Line vty 0 15
    Password blahblah

    Then I know the password is blahblah but what is my username?
  • HCPS123HCPS123 Posts: 54Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    You don't have one, because you didn't input one in. In this case you would not be able to ssh into the device but you could still console/telnet in since those don't require a username.
  • dppagcdppagc Posts: 293Member
    That is interesting. I thought every login needs user name and password?
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