Starting CySA+ Journey

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Hey Everyone,

Just passed Security+ and now starting journey to get this CySA+ Certification.
What would be the best study materials for this exam?

I purchased a Udemy Course that I will starting to look over first but what would be the best book to study?
The All in One book? Or the CompTia CySA+ study guide by Mike Chapple and David Seidl?

I plan to take it end of August sometime and will keep this chain updated through out the process!:)
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  • skynet1126skynet1126 Posts: 6Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    I used the Sybex book, and relied heavily on the Udemy Course from Jason Dion!....I took the test last month and got psyched out from the Simulation questions. I failed by 1 QUESTION!!!!.....then took the test yesterday and passed with an 88%. I have a question though, Is this cert worth the $$ and does it carry any respect in the I.T. world? Im currently in law enforcement but want to make a career change. I currently hold A+, NET+, SEC+, SERVER+, LINUX+, MOBILITY+, and CySa+....I think Im going to go for CLOUD+ next...might as well...

    Kevin in Mass
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    Start looking at job postings and applying for jobs. In IT it is impossible to learn everything about everything. You've already got a foundation of book knowledge and you need to start pairing that with experience. Someone with 10 certs and 0 experience is odd.

    Best of luck!
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    I took CySA+ as a beta, and used CEH materials at the time, since there were no official CySA+ materials. That being said i would use any CySA+ official books, but if you have access to any CEH books, in particular the practice exams, they may help to supplement any specific CySA+ study guides.
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    I was in the Beta, so I used CEH and CHFI resources. I think I also dipped into CISSP and CASP resources at parts I believe
    CEH mainly for the tactics attackers were using
    GHFI for the more blue-teamy defense Aspect
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