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Is it three years of security experience or three years of experience in at least one of the 10 domains?

What is the audit process like (for those who pass)? One of my former employers has gone through a complete overhaul. The people (even management) that was there when I was there are gone. Do they ask me who to check with or do they just go by the book and call the place. If so, I'll be screwed because no one there now knows me or what I did there (consulting firm).


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    It's 4 years without a college degree. The audit process if for real so make sure you're truthful. They'll pretty much call whoever you have on your resume. If you have the experience and can prove it, you'll be fine. I don't quite understand your question about the experience. The 10 domains ARE security related. So if you have experience in one of those domains, then that's security experience. You should probably dowload the application, it's pretty clear what they're asking for.
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    ISC2 will check your resume to determine if you are being honest. If they suspect something is wrong than they will do an complete audit and try to verify everything on your resume. They also randomly audit resumes, even without suspecting anything, just to double-check if people are being honest about their experience. Furthermore, if they find out that you lied about anything on resume in the future, than they can revoke your CISSP cert.

    Its better not to lie or put anything false on your resume. You can still take the CISSP test. If you pass than you will be an Associate of ISC2. Whenever you do meet the experience requirement than they will award you the CISSP cert.
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    I already have 7+ years in for the Telecommunications domain so I'm pretty good to go. Plus 3+ in Access Control and Operations Security. Plus I have my college degree.

    I guess I'll just make my resume very clear in the area of whom to contact.

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