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Hey all,

I have provisionally passed CISM (on Tuesday), so CISSP is my next test in my plan. So, I have read "Simply CISSP" by Phil Martin. I was then looking at the LinkedIn learning course (which I have started). What should be added to my list? I seriously want to get this one... CISM and CISSP are things I have put off for way to long. One mostly down (just the paperwork), one to go. Oh and I have a couple endorsers ready for me when I pass.


Thanks all!
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  • AshenweltAshenwelt Member Posts: 266 ■■■■□□□□□□
    -Always working on something...
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    Well, there is many good post about CISSP study material :)

    I am not CISM, but I am CISSP. From what I heard and read, CISM is much less technical than CISSP. If you have the technical background, I would suggest you that you read Eric Conrad's CISSP Study Guide, then do an assessment test. You will then know how ready you are.

    Otherwise, there is a lot of good content:

    Eric Conrad CISSP Study guide
    Sybex Official Study guide
    Shon Harris CISSP All-in-One guide
    Cybrary CISSP video from Kelly Handerhan.
    Sunflower PDF review

    With that you should be ok :)
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    @Ashenwelt - I've never heard of the resources you've listed so can't comment on that.

    The Eric Conrad, Sybex, ISC2 official CBK, sunflower and most importantly (Kelly Handerhan video) are all good sources. If you have years of experience, I would stay away from the Shon Harris as it is complete overkill.
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    I used the Simply CISSP audiobook (read by the author). It was a good refresher. I'd say it was similar to the 11th Hour. Good to listen to for an overview. The Sybex was great, Kelly Handerhan videos (cybrary.it as well as the "why you'll pass the CISSP" on YouTube), and Boson practice exams were excellent. With your background, it won't be a ton of studying and probably a lot of repeat information.

    The All-In-One guide was a bit much for me. Tons of information, pretty dry and hard to read, but will give you all the info you need to pass. Like someone else said - with the experience it would be overkill.
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    Aside from what was mentioned, I've read in a couple of posts here in TE that they used Larry Greenblatt's video course (not sure if this is on PluralSight or ITPro.TV though). Don't forget to do your practice tests as well - I used the Sybex and the one that came with the Shon Harris book, but read good reviews on Boson as well.

    If you're not using the Sybex 8th ed, you might want to get a copy of the CISSP course outline from the ISC2 website and Google stuff that were recently added.
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    Dear Folks,

    Is there any study group available for CISSP exam, either skype of any forum groups available for day today updates.?. please provide a link

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    There are several groups on Facebook you could search for. In terms of materials it would be worth working through the Official Study Guide (Sybex) amongst whatever else you fancy.
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