Huge mistake! Was no show for CISSP test

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Ok, so I haven't posted on here in several mos. I took and failed my CISSP 2X. Once over Christmas last year, and then I attempted again in Feb this year with the same result. I decided to try for a 3rd time and scheduled for November 3. Well, I signed up mos. ago and since then I have moved to another state. I switched to a place here in CO, but the test was last weekend and I totally forgot! I actually hadn't been studying because I still haven't unpacked all my stuff, so I planned to push it off another few most, but for some reason I thought I scheduled it around Thanksgiving. Now I have no idea what to do. I am assuming I have lost my $700. UGHHH. This move has been a nightmare. I moved from Florida to Colorado because my family hated FL. I had the opportunity to move and took it. Now I ams stuck out here on my own because my hubs is having trouble finding a job. My company paid relocation so I have to be here a year. To make matters worse we bought a house here and I have an HOUR commute one way. I did it for the hubs but now I am regretting it all!! Needless to say, even though it sounds like an excuse I completely spaced on this test date. I feel like a total idiot.


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    Two things going on here - professional and personal - they reckon moving house is one of the most stressful times for anyone and it certainly is when moving that distance. On the personal front your husband is having job difficulties and that only adds to the stress. IMO forgetting about sitting the exam is the least of your issues and I would not dwell on it, it's in the past, move on. Having failed the CCIE Lab exam twice I left those attempts on my CV and they were considered favorably by employers. Take time out, sort out the move, settle into the job, keep encouraging your husband and when ready, reset and go for the exam (if you wish) - it's a difficult exam at the best of times without other stress impacting your preparation.
    Best wishes for the future!
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    Agree with vCISO

    Firstly, chill and give yourself a break. Maybe you have lost $700, its just a mistake and is not worth beating yourself up over. It's just one of those things that happen in life, especially when it's so busy.

    It is worth asking ISC2 or Pearson, whoever it is if they can make a deal with you. Especially as you failed twice. Some advice... be entirely honest and human about the explanation - that you simply forgot and you've been completely overwhelmed due to moving and family things.

    Maybe be they will give you 50% off or something.

    Again, just give yourself a break. Get it re-booked, get unpacked and give it another go!

    You can do it!!
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    As others have said, not the end of the world. Take some time off, sort out all the personal issues. Keep learning, and work on the weak areas. Try studying from different resources and do more practice tests. You can always come back to it once you build up more knowledge base

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    I think you should take a few months' mental rest then try to reassert yourself to CISSP. Out of all the Information Security certs out there it's most one of the difficult exams to pass but still it's passable. I remember someone in this forum finally passing the exam on the 6th try. Mad kudos for that person who never gave up.

    That person never gave up and you shouldn't either... icon_cheers.gif
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    Posting here to make a note that it's hard to believe anyone can hate FL. I love it!
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    I liked it too! The hubs and son, not so much.:(

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