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    You guys are seriously going to lose your user / reader base if you continue in this current format.

    No users / readers = 0 income from ads.

    The old format was lightyears better than this and was actually useable. If you want to chase users away then you've chosen the right route.

    Until this is fixed I'm out.

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    Am surprised to see so much negative feedback. I was a bit blown away when I first saw the change. Thought I entered the wrong website.

    Maybe I'm just an apprentice in comparison with the wizened tech masters here, but I feel like the UI and themes feel fresh now. Much more inclined to join in the conversations instead of feeling like I'm slogging through a 90s vbulletein advert. Some great editing tools have been added and the experience overall is much more responsive and vibrant in my book.

    Thanks for the work devs! I think with some minor tweaks like Dark Mode, resolution adjustment, a compact forum mode, and UI streamlining- things will be top notch! Oh and I agree with some comments about adding a highlight to emphasize what certs a user is studying or has completed. It is quite motivational.

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    Yeah, I feel like I'm having to scroll too much too. The content of the forum is primarily text based, and I'd like as much text readable as possible.. ideally. The colour scheme is an improvement, but the layout is impractical, and has more of a childish feel.
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    I took me 5 minutes to figure out how I could even respond to a post. I don't mind the new look as long as most of the functionality and features present in VBulletin are somehow included here--and that includes attention to detail when it comes to the user experience. Why should I have to scroll all the way down simply to post a reply on a thread? I'm hoping there's a button that's included at some point on the original posts or somewhere on the top of the page where I can easily click it (and find it).
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    Not going to caught me off guard when I logged in today. For a moment, I thought I had bookmarked the wrong website. I will say this surprise is a pleasant one and I am looking forward to navigating all things new on the site. And the bonus is that the platform no longer looks like it runs on MS-DOS :wink:
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    Thanks for all the comments everybody...please do keep them coming. 

    I know this was a big change, and it can feel like somebody (us) pulled the rug out from under you when you're experts at the previous UI and then it's all different.

    So thanks for those of you saying nice things! We really are trying to infuse some growth into TechExams and this isn't the end, just the beginning.

    And for those that don't like it, please do stick around...we'll start working on some updates as soon as next week, it's become clear what you like and don't (too much scrolling, want a dark theme). Where there is divergence in opinion, hopefully we can provide some options for you there too.

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    I have to agree with the masses the new ui isn't great,
    It very bulky especially on a laptop. Way to much white space.
    just my opinion but the new design is more of a blog or story design while the old one was more of a data info design like wikipedia where info is fast and easy to read.
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    After a couple of days of trying to get used to it.....Like the old design better. IMO its way too big, white/bright. Too much scrolling, makes me not want to browse around and engage. The shades of gray, font size, and everything being tight on the previous site was easy on the eyes and easy to digest the content.
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    I don't care for the look and feel of the new site. I first thought I had ended up at the wrong place.
    It looks cartoonish, it's an inefficient use of space. It's difficult to navigate.
    I'm not sure what the goal is, but it looks like rubbish to me.
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    Jesus Christ..

    This is god-bloody-awful :((

    Can we please have Johan back?

    Absolutely rubbish format - HEAPS of wasted white space, font's too big, doesnt look professional
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  • scaredoftestsscaredoftests Security +, ITIL Foundation, MPT, EPO, ACAS, HTL behind youPosts: 2,715Mod Mod
    Agreed, after a few days, I liked the old format better.  Less scrolling as mentioned above (instead replace it with links)? A color scheme like before (in the early morning, all that light jumps out at me--and pre-coffee it is a bit jarring).
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    Its Interesting so far but is a good interesting 
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    Haven't posted in a while, but I'm an almost daily lurker here. New format is killing my eyes. Do free shades B) come with the site now?

    On a more serious note:
    1. Privacy/Security Issue - One can now view profiles while not even signed in. This was never the case on the old format. Some may not have an issue with this, but others may feel threatened by the more publically-accessible personal information.
    2. Everytime I click a post it takes me to the latest post instead of the first post even if I've never looked at the thread before.
    3. Like everyone else has said, posts take up too much room resulting in inefficiency.
    4. The appearance gives it an unprofessional look. Think "cartoon". Think "juvenile". Think "dumbed down". Think "not serious".
    5. Not being able to see how many times a post has been viewed. This can be convenient when you're wondering if anyone's read your post.
    6. Another one that everyone has mentioned - No listed certifications unless placed into signature.
    7. Being unable to see what section a post is in the "Recent Discussions" list. This is another waste of time as it causes you to click and have to read things you would otherwise be uninterested in.

    It seems to me that a newer and fresher user base is being sought. That's great, but if you abandon your current user base, most newer members will not stay anyway. Part of what keeps people coming back to this site is the more experienced and established members. They have valuable insight and offer irreplaceable advice and knowledge. Without these members this site will just become a revolving door of nubes who will find nothing to stay for.

  • Jon_CiscoJon_Cisco Posts: 1,773Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    The number of views was very useful when skimming topics. I would often read posts that were generating interest even if the heading did not catch my attention.
  • MeggoMeggo Administrator Posts: 190Admin Admin
    Using this view, you can see the category of the recent discussion and the number of views:
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  • chickenlicken09chickenlicken09 Senior Member Posts: 514Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    Awful, old site much beter.
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    Hilarious nobody has mentioned how much BETTER this site is on mobile.  The previous version was 100% garbage on tablets and phones.   You couldn't post from the site on half the browsers. 

    You all do realize most web browsing is done from the phone or other smart devices.  Not a desktop computers.  It seems like most of the people complaining are desktop/laptop users.  Why?

    The ability to take jpg, png files and drop them right into the editor is a welcomed feature.  The old POS you had to do some backassward file load process then navigate to the file and find it.  

    Thanks for securing the site.  I remember IT blocking the old site because of it being a security risk.

    Love the API to log in from LinkedIn.  That's only been around for 10 years or so.....

    Just like any change you'll "lose" some and gain others.......  

    TBH pruning isn't a bad thing.

  • PseudonymPseudonym A+, Net+, Sec+, Linux+, ITIL v3, MCITP:EDST/EDA, CCNA R&S/Cyber Ops, MCSA:2008/2012, MCSE:CP&I Posts: 341Member ■■■■□□□□□□
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    You think a forum designed for IT professionals will be primarily viewed on phone/tablet? I disagree. A lot of people will be browsing at work on their lunch break, for a start. I personally don't even own a tablet, so when I'm at home I view the site from a laptop connected to an external monitor. 

    Not to mention that most websites have separate designs for different types of devices. What you're saying sounds very similar to what Microsoft said about Windows 8... hmm
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    I am far from an IT professional but I am of the newer generation haha, so I view TechExams via a mobile device at home and my computer in class.
  • scaredoftestsscaredoftests Security +, ITIL Foundation, MPT, EPO, ACAS, HTL behind youPosts: 2,715Mod Mod
    I use my laptop at home and at work(to access this site). I never even tried accessing via my phone. That is just me. :-)
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    Ha, same, I read it at work or my laptop sitting at home. I'm not even on the "I'm leaving!!" camp, but with the way it is setup I have noticed the last two days I've browsed way less than I used to. 
  • gespensterngespenstern Posts: 1,243Member ■■■■■■■□□□
    In short, I don't like it. I could've go on with specifics, but IMO, if whoever is behind this don't understand it themselves it's probably a waste of time trying to explain. You guys are clueless and I don't appreciate your work on it. I think I'm done with it, farewell everyone.
  • DatabaseHeadDatabaseHead CSM, ITIL x3, Teradata Assc, MS SQL Server, Project +, Server +, A+, N+, MS Project, CAPM, RMP Posts: 2,475Member ■■■■■■■■■□
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    @Pseudonym - The way I look at it you may lose a few desktop users, but you'll gain people from the mobile crowd, which is exponentially larger.  For the most part  previously it seemed to be older folks looking to transition and military.  With the mobile component IMO you'll capture more of the millienials and beyond which are huge generations.  

    Overall it's a smart move even if you shed some curmudgeon's in the process....

    I do agree the site will need adjustments for desktop, but overall it's fine.  
  • wd40wd40 CISA, eJPT, MCP, MCTS, CompTIA x 6 Posts: 988Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    I am one of the few 10+ years users, and I access TechExams from home using a desktop and I don't see any issues with the new site.

    It is a free to access, more secure and has less adds than the old one.

  • promethuschowpromethuschow Member Northern VA, NYCPosts: 191Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    Just used the new version of TE in Iphone/Android for 10 minutes, and it's a huge improvement from the last layout of TE in the mobile realm. As most of  the TE user pointed out too much white space,that need to be taken care of. As for the fonts size, could be better. Being four eyes large size helps but i think it's still a bit larger in my opinion. 
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    As one of the many "I don't like it" posters I would like to acknowledge that the site looks better on iOS but to be fair the layout there is not the same as on my desktop, so that point is kind of a non sequitor in my opinion.  I would also like to acknowledge that the staff has done some good things such as instituting HTTPS and making it easier to add images, but I have been coming to the new site daily since it was instituted and still find it painful to read and navigate.  Not impossible but painful.  Maybe you need to do like reddit and have a new view classic view option.  (or 4Chan / craigslist and just go text :-) )

    edit: (Actually I just went to the Infosec Institute site and they have gone for this garish metro ui space wasting design too so this may be a more widespread problem than I thought)
  • snokerpokersnokerpoker Posts: 661Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    Overall it's a nice change! I like it.
  • jamshid666jamshid666 A+, CCDA, CCNA-R&S, CCNA-Security, CIW-SDA, i-Net+, Network+, Project+, Security+, Server+, Splunk C Fayetteville, NCPosts: 48Member ■■■□□□□□□□
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    I know this has been said many times, but I'd like to add in that I don't like how huge the margins are.  Part of the benefit of using widescreen monitors is getting more information and less scrolling.  The new forum format makes me scroll way too much.  And that really is my only complaint, otherwise I like the new site.  I'm betting the changes were made to make it more mobile-friendly, but there has to be some kind of way to dynamically resize the margins depending on whether you are using a proper computer versus a phone or tablet.
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  • ccnpninjaccnpninja Senior Member EuropePosts: 1,008Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    older design looks geekier...
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  • thomas_thomas_ CompTIA N+/S+/L+; CCNA R&S; CCNP R&S Posts: 908Member ■■■■■■□□□□

    I’ve always felt there was a type of TechExams bashing against boot camp providers.  Now that the forum is owned by a boot camp providers.  I’m partly amused and partly saddened, especially since “TechExams” is now “”.  

    Overall, I think the underlying disdain towards bootcamp providers, at least for me, is that a lot of times their sole focus is trying to guarantee that a person will pass an exam after a 5-day bootcamp versus the months of self-study a person might take to pass an exam with self-study.  Add to the fact thay some boot camp providers will particpate in, at best, shady, and at worst, illegal tactics of providing **** material or telling students what exactly is going to be on the test, and it tends to be a real slap in the face for people who legitimately study for and pass certification exams.  How else can you take someone from zero knowledge to cert ready in 5-days with a guarantee of a pass?

      I believe that the TechExams community largely consisted of people who earned their certifications through an honest self-study without resorting to ****.  When any person brought up or mentioned **** the vast majority responses towards the use of **** was negative.  I kind of feel like now that I’m posting here it’s kind of implied that I endorse Infosec Institute.  Typically, you only use a company’s forums when you support or have purchased that company’s product in the past.  This makes an awkward situation now that the Infosec Institute has purchased a formerly third party forum and made it “their” community.  

    I haven’t done enough research to know if I support or don’t support them, but I feel like I’m implicitly supporting them just by making posts, which I really don’t like.  It would be nice if it was made clear that participants in the forum do not support or advocate for the use of InfoSec Institute’s products and that it was originally a third party forum that was purchased and integrated into Infosec Institute.    I realize this was somewhat done in some of the welcome posts.  I just hope that doesn’t go away over time.

      I guess Infosec Institute has to get their ROI from the purchase of TechExams which probably includes a boost to their SEO rankings of their domain name and marketing their products/services.  I think I almost liked TechExams still being on its old domain with the Infosec Institute popup advertisement better.

    Anyways, here’s my thought on the new forum:

    -It would be nice to have your ertifications showing next to your username like it was with the old forum

    -It would be nice if the date of the post was visible before clicking on the post(I’m using mobile and I haven’t looked at the site on desktop yet)

    -It would he nice if the total number of pages that a certain post/thread has was displayed at the bottom or top of the page, so we know how many total pages of content there is.

    -I don’t like the navigation, at least on mobile, with having to click through multiple times to get to a forum.  Maybe if the click opened up a submenu instead of reloading the page it would be more bearable.

    -Not really sure how to reply so it “quotes” the person I’m replying to.

    -Definitely don’t like scrolling to the very bottom to leave a comment.

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