Storage Spaces for personal use?

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I'm currently setting up my main PC as a media center for my home entertainment system. I have a lot of movies that I now stream to my living room TV via Plex. Up until now, I have been using my PC for general use - virtualization (mainly for studying), out of hours work, and a lot of gaming. With this now added as another function, my disk space is starting to become, well, non-existent. 

I'm going to have to start adding more drives at some point, but after taking my 70-798, one feature that popped up in my head was Storage Spaces, and I'm just wondering, could this be a reliable option for home use? I've never REALLY used it, I just did enough to pass my exam. But it could actually be a reliable feature. I'm also performing backups of my data by connecting an external disk each week/month and running a script. As Storage Spaces has some resilience, this would eliminate the need for manual backups, and I can just 'add' storage to my storage pool.

I'm tempted to give this a go, but I thought I'd chuck this idea out into the TE community and see what everyone else thinks? Has anyone actually tried/currently use this method at home? I've recently had a sudden urge to redesign my entire network/entertainment system at home, and I've just started using Plex and installed a Sonos sound bar for my smart TV. This is another 's,art' idea I've thought of, so I'd be interested to get other peoples views.

It would also be cool to hear your own home setups and throw out some other ideas :smile:
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    Personally I say go for it. One of the advantages to playing with home labs is seeing how well it works. Having something real to test on makes it so much better in the long run.
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    I really don't have anything so valuable I can't live without, except for a couple of backup on CD's, DVD and Blue Ray DVD's. I got an external drive with 50 GB of nudie photos, but anything I really want to keep is on a DVD or BlueRay disc. If your serious about backup up your data, and don't want to use discs, get SAN raid storage solution that uses RAID 1.  I'm always hearing about the guy who lost 50 GB of files on there computer they never backup up to the network drives or to an external drive. I recall one fiasco at one of my former jobs, a bunch of letter templates were lost when the PC's mail program was converted from Lotus notes to Microsoft Outlook. They tried to give me crap about it because I was supervising outside contractors we brought in to help us with the project, but I pushed back, if was important, it should have been backed up on to the network drives, that what they are there for. My management sided with me, and the issue was dropped, the staff had to create 100's of document templates from scratch. 
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