Phil Martin "Simple CISSP" Exam guide?

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Any feedback on the Phil Martin "Simple CISSP" series on Amazon?  The book is available in Kindle, hard copy, and AUDIBLE formats.  There is also a separate question review guide as well.  (also on Audible) The content of both is based on the 2015 CBK and has been updated recently (as of this October) to include the 2018 material.  (The updated book is called "Essential CISSP Exam Guide" - available in Audible format as well)

I *really* like the fact that the books can be had in audible format - as it allows for listening during commuting.  Phil Martin does the narration - and seems to do a decent job.  While he's not a professional narrator, the issue is offset as he actually knows and understands the acronyms. 

The original 2016 book has a small number of decent reviews - mostly by individuals prepping for the exam, not much from those who successfully sat it.

The updated content editions  has a few harsh reviews - but this seems mainly due to the audible version - which is a challenge to navigate due to a large number of chapters.

I'm 75 days out about looking for my final resources.   I'm now re-reading the Sybex 8th edition.  I'm considering augmenting with this book (Martin's) as I'm a audio learner - so being able to hear the book is a huge help for me.

Thanks for any input.  Note, I don't know Phil Martin and am not plugging for him - just interested in feedback on how useful/valid this resource is.



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    I used the audible version as another avenue for hitting the topics while commuting. I listened to it the week before I took the exam. It would have been hard to keep up if I had tried to listen early in my study process, but it was a nice review that deep in my prep. I passed the exam. My only negative is with the audible format. It doesn't list the chapter topics, so I just listened from beginning to end without worrying about going back to find any specific topics. 
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    Alternatively OP, you could use Kelly Handerhan's Cybrary CISSP audio material as well. I can't comment on Phil's Martin's guide or audio material but the Cybrary delivery is rock solid and should be used in your study arsenal if you haven't used it already yet. It's one of the online gold standard. 

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    I listened to it on Audible at 1.5x speed. It was a decent resource and I used it during my commute during the last couple weeks. It wasn't so much a good study resource, but more of a way to keep the various things in my mind. At that point, it was all review. I think I really overstudied. I would say use either that or Kelly Handerhan. 
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    I found the Phil Martin audible book great. It would not be sufficient on is own, but if you have a commute it lets you get more study in the day. I also used Kelly H's course on (a free resource, and one of the best). And my public library membership gives me free access to the video course by Mike Chapple. Add a book with practice questions, and your ready to rock and roll...
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