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Hello. this is my first time when i want to ask some question on this forum.
my question is how can i prepare in a short period of time for CCNA?. and which series videos i have to follow to understand some point. and the last question from which site can i downlad done packet tracer lab models.?
 thankyou in advance .


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    Thread on Cisco's learning network.
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    Thanks for posting! I moved this over to the CCNA category (lots of great resources here for you!). Good luck with your studies!
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    Exam preparation can be accomplished through self-study with textbooks and practice exams, on-site classroom programs, online courses or concentrated boot camps offered through many venues, including Cisco's authorized learning partners. Individuals who have already acquired CCENT certification need only to take the second part (ICND2) of the certification training and pass part two of the exam to become a CCNA. Alternatively, those with no prior certification may take a combination course and exam covering both the ICND1 and ICND2 materials.
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