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I’ve successfully completed the soon retiring Linux + powered by LPI exam. The feeling is great!

Thanks to all the previous posters for their tips and feedback. Managed to get 660/800. I found the LX-04 test a bit easier than first one.

A week leading up to the exam I was not feeling too confident as my practise tests (Steve Suehring) gave me an average of 65% for the review topics. I still felt positive based on the amount of studying I had done.

 My study materials included

 -CompTIA Linux+ / LPIC-1 Cert Guide: (Exams LX0-103 & LX0-104/101-400 & 102-400) (Certification Guide) by Ross Brunson and Sean Walberg

-CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC Practice Tests: Exams LX0-103/LPIC-1 101-400, LX0-104/LPIC-1 102-400, LPIC-2 201, and LPIC-2 202 by Steve Suehring

-CompTIA Linux+ Powered by Linux Professional Institute Study Guide: Exam LX0-103 and Exam LX0-104 (Comptia Linux + Study Guide) Christine Bresnahan and Richard Blum, 2015

-Youtube for clarification on concepts

-labbing with Ubuntu

-Reviewing the Comptia certification requirements and searching for the terms, bookmarking websites I found helpful


I mainly used the Ross Brunson and Sean Walberg for study and read the book a few times. I used the Bresnahan for quick review and practise questions. I took notes from each chapter and noted down every single command in an Excel spreadsheet and Word document. The command went in the Word document with brief description. An example would be xwininfo: a utility for displaying information about windows. Various information is displayed depending on which options are selected.

I also noted down all the references to a file path

/usr/share/zoneinfo: The configuration for time zones and daylight savings

/etc/sudoers: add a user to this file to make an admin


Commands put into the Excel spreadsheet focused on the individual flag that would be used and followed the format


Command : flag: description                       

w                            Display info about users currently logged in and their processes

                -h            remove headers

                -s            Short format

                username           Shows info for a particular user

                -i             Display IP address

                -V           Version information


I also found a helpful :wink: resource on youtube when I searched for LPIC practise tests.

I also got about 17 questions that were fill in the blank. I did not find them terribly difficult as I had tried to memomize all the commands and switches. Point being is they can kill your score because you have to know the answer and you can’t guess

Examples may be.

What sql command does this?

What is the name of the file that manages xyz?

In this config file there is a setting that manages something. What is this setting (flag)?

Study hard, memorize those commands and what they do.
Hope that helps any late test takers, good luck.


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    Congratulations on getting it done before the deadline. Many here will agree, nothing quite matches that feeling.

    Which certs are you planning on taking next?
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    Awesome! Congrats on your pass. I feel like this year everyone in the cert industry decided to retire and re-vamp their exams. Wish I had the chance to have taken this version of the Linux+. Too busy getting my CCNA before the Feb deadline.

    What will you be working on next?
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    I am planning on completing my CCNA as far as my next cert goes.
    Yes, it was such a great feeling to pass and get that validation that I do "know stuff" and my future is going to get brighter!

    Long story cut short, I always wanted to "learn linux", so in order to force my own hand I booked and paid for LX-03. However not liking my current desktop support role and based on researching certs I discovered that CCNA will "get you places". I swapped over to studying ICND1 (ccent) and kept on rescheduling the Linux+ exam. I then decided just get a refund for LX-03 and come back to it at some point but I could not get a refund. Then I read the current Linux+ / LPIC exam was being retired for it was full steam for Linux study.
    I now have A+, Sec+ and Linux+ so no more Comptia except to keep my Sec+ updated
    I might look at Amazon as I've been told there is good money / opportunities with that track.
    My partner has told me to have a break for 2 weeks but it will be full steam for CCNA very soon
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    Congratulations on the win. That is a great back story too.
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