Passed CISM 10 Dec 2019

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Hi All,

Thanks for all the guidance shared before. So basically, from the preliminary result shown my CISM Exam " PASSED". Do the exam within 2.30 hours.

Tips from me:

1. Focus on Q&A Database (somebody shared the app and book here) > try to switch from question and answer (in both ways), because you need to understand the basic of question and answer. Based on the exam question experience, noted that they put another situation but with same understanding with the database. Do the database until 100% within 41 hours.

2. Quick walkthrough for CISM Review Manual for area that you didn't know.

My Professional Experiences for your Justifications:

1. 7 Years for IT Infrastructure Auditor

2. Owned CCNA, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, CEH, CHFI, and CISA

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