Is it possible to get an IT job with no experience?



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    I only have my Associates in Network Admin from a community college and a few certs. The degree got my foot in the door and the certs helped advance me to the next steps. I plan for additional education and certs in the near future as well to continue my progression. You're on the right track.
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    There are just so many people with networking experience and background.  Anything you learn from certification or education institute do help.  However, don't expect you will get a lot of money in the beginning.  Also, you have to look at the IT career in your area or you might need to move.   Taking any chance to gain any experience do help.  
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    It's possible to get an IT job without experience. But it's not possible without the know how.

    When I first started, I went on Craigslist and emailed small local IT businesses to ask if I could volunteer.

    It's been a long ways since. But it has been worth it.

    A good place to start is learning. Professor Messer was pivotal for me when trying to understand in the earlier days. I'm sure others would agree as well
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    It's not impossible, but I believe most employers look for at least some work experience that can translate to customer service when hiring for entry-level IT jobs. I had no previous IT experience when I landed my first IT gig. The reason I got hired was because I had experience in the industry that this company served. I worked in the mortgage lending industry and the IT company that hired me provided customer support for mortgage lending companies.
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    Go join the military in an IT related occupation code. 
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    A couple of certifications may help you get a lower level job and you will need to grind them out while you are working.
    I would also suggest creating a home lab. One way to gain experience is to have it in your personal lab. If you create a mushroom cloud at home, a customer would not know about it. When you are starting off, you do not want to learn at the customer's expense on the simple things. Learn the fundamentals and how they can help you deploy equipment.
    Once you learn the fundamentals and how PC's, and networks function, you can volunteer for non profit organizations and add it to your resume to get a tech job in a store.

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