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I'm currently still in college pursuing a CS degree. While I'm currently still taking classes I want to start working to gain experience. I know python, but I'm still practicing it as well as java. Is it possible for me to get a entry level job with no degree or experience?


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    It is possible because others have done it. My recommendation would be to focus on Python and build some projects with it. Get good at one language and translate the concepts across to another when you are more proficient. You can create a portfolio to show to perspective employers.
    Use your contacts to help find you a position. Maybe intern if finances allow it. I would recommend working on things that will make you more employable for desktop support roles. Be prepared to be "in the trenches" while you gain experience.
    Just my 2 cents
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    are there any internships you can get in the meantime?
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    Is it possible to get an entry level job - Yes. Just keep trying and keep looking, you may be surprised when an opportunity comes.
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