Is this a red flag?

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So recently I finally founded a job working at a grocery store and have been there for about a month now. This is my first time working at a grocery store (first time working in general), but I'm starting to think I'm gonna get fired soon for the fact that I'm getting less hours despite being part time. Should I be worried about losing this job after only being there about a month? 


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    Maybe, have a chat with your manager and ask him to give it to straight. Show interest in your position even if you have to feign interest. Are you turning up on time, taking too long a break, chatting with colleagues too much?
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    Not so unusual to get less hours.  Sometimes a business will give more hours up front to get you trained/familiar and then lighten the load to be able to do the same for others, but then they're able to increase your hours when things get busy.

    Things to consider:  have you let your boss and/or the scheduler know you'd like more hours?  Have you shown that you're enthusiastic about working there?  Do you help wherever you can?  

    You should definitely be showing up on time (a little early is better) for the hours you are scheduled, and not frequently asking to leave early.  Try to demonstrate that you're a go-getter who is willing to work hard.  
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    Yes, if your manager isn't telling you why your work schedule is changing then do ask.
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