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My name is Marie I am a student and I joined here a few weeks ago. Really looking forward to learning so great things from you all, the open discussions, and possibly meeting new people in my area!!


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    Welcome to the forums Nellie!

    What do you study and what are you areas of interest in IT? you will find a lot of help in here :)

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    Hello and Welcome!
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    Welcome aboard!

    Which area are you from?

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    I am from Palm Bay Florida 
  • Nellie21Nellie21 Member Posts: 7 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Johnhe0414 Thank you!
  • Nellie21Nellie21 Member Posts: 7 ■■□□□□□□□□
    UnixGuy Thank you! I am studying CompTia A+. My main goal is to work my way up to Cyber. That's been my interest for years! I am glad to be getting help here. Sometimes I feel as though it's a lot to take in..... I really pray i pass my exams.. was it hard for any of you here? 
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    @Nellie21 Good luck! I didn't take the A+ but I took the Secuity+,

    I did a quick video on how to get into cyber security, have a look at it!

    hope it helps! Plenty of help around this topic here :)


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    Sure certification is a nice way to get into cyber security, but dont forget other ressource as TryHackMe. 
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    I didn't do the A+ certification until I was 20 years into IT... and I only took it because I was offered a position to teach at a community college and they required the certification for instructors to be able to teach the requisite courses.  I have looked at the materials in the past and I have to say that while much of what they have eliminated from the course isn't necessary, it is highly valuable.  When I teach it, I love to cover it a layer or two deeper than what is required for the exam.  If you can understand it at that level, the exam will be no problem.

    I would recommend to anyone that wants a deeper understanding to check out one or both of these books:

    * Code, by Charles Petzlold (Microsoft Press, 2000)
    * The Elements of Computing Systems, by Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken (MIT Press, 2008)

    Each of these books covers computing far deeper than you're going to get anywhere outside of a rigorous Computer Engineering program.  The main differences are that the Nisan and Schocken book starts with a NAND gate (all other logic gates can be built from NAND) and works you up to building integrated circuits, CPU/Memory, then assembler, an OS, and an Object Oriented language.  The Petzold book is like a prequel to that  in that it starts with electricity and relays, but continues up the stack from there (with a little less practical usage of later topics, just touching them each at a high level).

    Choosing either or both are great for REALLY understanding what is happening.
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