How to decide between AWS and Azure for getting started with cloud architecture and security

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I am interested to begin a career in Cybersecurity and have narrowed my interests to:
Security, and Architecture paths.

Then I learned the two broader certs to pursue are:
Microsoft: Azure Fundamentals
or, AWS: Cloud Practitioner

I also selected these two because the coursework is free. I can pay for books and exams but would rather go the free route because I have no income coming in right now.

Which of the two certifications is the broadest entry if applying for jobs?

Which certification is the broadest benefit to have in the longer course of a career?

About how many hours generally will it take to complete one of the above certification exams if putting in 6 hours per say every day of studying? (Generally, your guess)

What study materials are needed for the above certifications? Is it all online for free? What websites?

Also I am completely confused reading posts saying so many different certifications to pursue for Cybersecurity: CCNA, CCSK, CCSP, CISSP, and the list seems to just go on forever.

What path should an entry level Cybersecurity person go? I am currently unemployed and seeking entry level work that will lead into a Cybersecurity career.

I have spent so much time just trying to figure out what certification path to take. I just want to get started and land a job and start adding credentials to my resume.

Thank you in advance for your comments!
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