Free study guides (that are up-to-date and free) for AZ-900 (Azure Fundamentals)

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While looking into this coursework for AZ-900 I found that Microsoft provides a free training path that covers everything for studying the coursework.

But the MS "Official practice test" (linked at the MS website) is $100+ and I wondered if there was a freebie way to get the study guides (up to date) or if it is better to just go ahead and pay Microsoft for their study guide.

Any suggestions? I am trying to decide upon a cloud certification while on a frugal budget and paying out of my own pocket.

Oh another note, I see at their website it says this:
"The English language version of this exam will be updated on January 25, 2022. Following the current exam guide, we have included a version of the exam guide with Track Changes set to “On,” showing the changes that will be made to the exam on that date"
Considering this statement above, I do not want to buy the wrong study materials if they are transitioning into a new set of learning tools...
My test for the AZ 900 would probably be taken in about 1-2 weeks of studying so it would be a close call between the new updates of January 25th...

Any advice for how to proceed with the best accuracy?
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