One month enough time to study for A+?

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How is it everyone,

I have just passed Network+ last week, and was thinking about taking another exam, probably A+. I have one more month until school begins again, do you think this is enough time to study for A+? basically 2 weeks for Hardware, and 2 weeks for OS.

Let me know if this is manageable or if i'm a load of bull for trying this out. Also, my work experience is minimal, so most of the stuff i will be studying i will be encountering for the first time.



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    i couldn't have done it in a month. i'm not saying somebody at schoolage studying for eight hours a day couldn't. i don't think stuff would sink in fast enough for me to have done it that quickly.
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    Yes it is doable. I guess it really depends on your current knowledge level. I passed both exams after 2 weeks study and a couple days revision between them. As you have already passed Net+ I guess you have a decent base level of knowledge.
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    Yea, but depends on how much hands on you have with computers and Playtime with O.S.'s.
    I just passed the Core and Studying for the O.S. Part. I am learning now that I do not know as much as I think I did about the 9x and Nt Style O.S.'s...but I do have a good basis and just need to hit the finer points before I test.
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    Longshot's right. You need to get the OS experience, at least MS systems--install them, work with them with some sort of exam guide directions I'd say.

    I began with 95(A) and went through them to W2k Prof. Couldn't have passed without it.

    Should have some hardware hands on for Core exam--what the main parts of motherboard are. You'll get a picture on the exam and be expected to ID certain features(probably goes without saying).

    Best of luck!
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    It is feasible--but will help if you have any hands-on experience with computer hardware and software.

    I did it within a month mainly because I've been building computers for 4 years. The OS part was tough for me, so I mainly focused my time reading that more.

    I guess just start studying, and skip the parts that you know and study harder on the parts you don't.

    All the best of luck to you.
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    thanks for the info people. I really appreciate it. My question is Net+ easier than the A+ then..because I was able to pass the Net+ with only a little more than 3 weeks studying for it with no real working experience with network equipment either.
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    Difficult to judge. I've seen that question before.

    Seemed to me that after studying A+, I already knew about 60% of the material for Network+. I'm sure that won't work in reverse because A+ covers such a greater amount of info, and I'm not sure that you can do well in either A+ exam without having studied both Core and OS because there is some overlap in the 2 exams.

    I studied for Net+ for 2 months, but I had already taken A+ courses at a local state college and studied another 5 months on my own. I had several old PCs that I could lab with at home as well as the PCs we had at college.

    Don't mean to write my autobiography, but I wouldn't know any other way to present this to you.

    Maybe go ahead with A+ studies then take some practice exams and decide then if you want to try it.

    Well, hope this helps.
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