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Well finally got round to taking and nailign this beast. Took it about 10 months ago and failed it and was a bit discouraged as i had a lot of experience with Windows networking, used it on a day to day basis and am already 2000 mcse. Realised this needed a lot more attention to detail and so kept putting it off. Just spent 3 weeks hard studying, fitting it in around work and not playing WOW, which has paid off.
The DNS questions were certainly tricky and its not enough to just know the specifics and each of the tabs in the configuration utlity. I practised installing all the dns setups in virutal environments.
Well its done, just 296 to go lets hope that isnt as bad.



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    Congrats! 70-292 is on my list as soon as I can get passed 70-218.
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    Congrats! I thought 292 was a little harder than 296 despite there being several things covered in 296 I wasn't as familiar with.

    For 296, make sure you know certificate services and IP Sec well - I STRONGLY advise you to install these and work with them if you aren't very familiar with these services under Win 2003. Also, make sure you understand the new trust relationships that are available with 2003 AD and what is required to activate them. I also had several questions on "Emergency Management Services" which I had never heard of and never saw on the study guides I had used. I just happened to see it on the last practice test I did before taking the exam so I was prepared.

    Just make sure you install and work with the tech in a lab if it's something you don't normally work with. Of course you'll get questions on name resolution, RRAS, VPN, etc, but you should be able to tackle them being an MCSE 2000.

    Congrats again and good luck!
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    292 is a tough one. I barely passed with a 700 myself.
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