FAO: Ghent - Sybex Books

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Cheers Ghent for your reply......

I found the sybex books to be quite good, the network+ book being better than the A+.......From what I have found out though it is better to try and get different sources, Dummies books can help although I did find inconsistencies between the two books especially hardware requirements for the different OS's. Try websites, basically you may have to read around the subject.....For my net+ I went to the library and found a dummies book on upgrading and fixing networks....nothing to do with the net+ exam as such but still very useful info.

As sybex go they are easy to read and give you a fundamental knowledge to the subject matter being read, also they really do pertain to the comptia objectives..... At the end of the day the sybex book is just trying to get you to pass the exam, but then again so do the dummies books.......

The technotes alone have been extremely helpful due to the different usage of words and phrases.

Sorry for whittling on and on.....I have most probably done your head in rather than help...... icon_redface.gif



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