Passed Network+ (critical comments inside)

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I just passed the Network+ exam with a score of 820. That's not bad, but I was hoping for a bit higher.

Nothing really out of the ordinary on the exam, but I did received five questions on Token Ring, two of which had no chance of being answered correctly without knowing all of the ways MAU's and workstations can and can't be wired. (Consider yourself forewarned…)

My exam had the usual amount of poorly worded questions, ambiguous answers (i.e., more than one possible correct answer), and rather shoddy exhibit graphics that one has come to expect on these exams.

I was floored by one question that contains a graphical exhibit, which clearly displayed two problems with a 10Base2 network, but none of the answers indicated these problems! I stared at that one for quite a while, matching each possible answer with what was displayed in the diagram, but no clear final solution revealed itself to me. I don't know if I answered it "CompTIA correctly" or not.

One other shocker was the optional questionnaire that appears after the exam is over. There were (at least) three questions that indicated multiple answers may be selected, but the answer list was displayed using radio buttons and not check boxes (i.e., only one answer was selectable). Also, the questing asking, "who paid for your exam?" was asked twice. Who is responsible for the quality control of these exams, and with such mistakes, how can CompTIA trust the accuracy of this statistical data?

The only other glitch was when I was just past the mid-point of the exam; it produced a fatal error when I clicked on an Exhibit button. The (vintage 1995-7) Windows 95 machine I was taking the exam on shut itself down. Luckily, the Prometric exam saves all questions that are answered, and I was able to resume where I left off after the admin restarted the system. (The error was a GPF in KERNEL32.DLL. I suggested that they try deleting the swap file, rebooting the machine, and letting Windows 95 rebuild the file. The admin had no idea what I was talking about icon_lol.gif)

Now on to I-Net+, or Security+, or 70-210, or uh ...


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