Struggling with the scenarios questions!!!

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I am booked to take the Net+ exam in a week, at first I was feeling extremely confident with my preparation ( I used the Sybex book, the virtual lab, technotes and a few other study notes that I could find)now I find that I am having problems with some of the scenario based questions
from the practice exams and the way they are worded. Is there any way that I can 'practice' answering these questions? I understand that the actual exam is riddled with them. I feel as though I am losing my confidence. Any suggestions????? icon_confused.gif


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    cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
    Just make the questions simpler. Write down all the important information from the questions. So you have X and you need to have Y. After you know for sure what the question is asking, then you can better understand how the question needs to be answered. You can then read each answer and first determine which answer cannot be right. Usually after this you can narrow it down to two answers. After you have those answers, ask yourself which of these would best fix the problem. If you can't determine which is the best answer, then just use you gut feeling. There will probably be some questions that you don't know the answer to, but if you use this process you can greatly improve your chances of getting it right.

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    Well just try to take ur knwoage and put it in ur mind. Like what wouild the problem be? break it down into steps and also use the proper troubleshooting metholody
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    scenario questions will test your logic. the only way to ensure that you are thinking along the correct lines when doing themis just to practise them. have you tried the practise questions in the sites in the links page?
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    What I did was to draw a diagram when doing a scenario question I didn't understand - that helped me put things into perspective.
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