A question fast , my exam in a few hour's

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I have a tbing that I don't udnerstand :

I understand what delegation is and s stub zone , I mean stub zone's for example , I have the domain : domain.com and another .. subdomain sub.domain.com , and I make a stub zone for subdmai , sub.domain.com and this make's NS resource's in the DNS databases's from DNS server's from domain.com , no ? And if one client from domain.com , wan't to browse by DNS name a cleitn from sub.domain.com , it will use the DNS NS to locate the autoritive server's from sub.domain.com and get the FQDN no ?

I don't udnerstand then .. what6 is the diference ? betwne .. conditional forwading and stub zone. I mean is almost the same thig , just stub zone uses NS to forward to autoritive server's request and another A resources to know whidh are the autortive server's from sub.domain.com and contitinal forwding onm windows 2003 server's send' the query for FQDN to IP , to the server' autoritive for sub.domain.com no ..?

Stub ZOne contain's , in the DNS primary domain.com ,server's : SOA , NS resource's and A hsot from autoritte server's for sub.domain.com.

Delegation mean's creating another zone in domain.com , for sub.domain.com ? What's the diference ? betworn stub zone.. stub zone's only mean's SOA+ NS+A for sub.domain.com resolbing query and delegaation mean's a whole zone ?

Conditional forwding is ssendig quesrys to autoritive server's no ? Like .. stub zone uses NS and A for autoritve server's to send there..

Maybe someone can please help me fast , I don't want to have doub'ts there... icon_eek.gif
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    forwading is static in that if the other DNS servers address changes and you dont amend these changes the requets are sent to a dead server so to speak, stub zones are dynamic so that if the address changes it will be updated. conditional forwading also forawrds certian types of requets.
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    (1) Also for stub zone, the server you point to is either authorized for the zone or is a secondary dns server for the zone.

    For conditional forwarding. It don't necessary have to be authorized for the zone. You could be forwarding to a cache server.
    (2) For stub zone or delegation, the DNS server tells the DNS client which do the query to quer the stub zone or delegate server(iterative query??).

    For conditional forwarding, the client's DNS server makes the query for the client(recursive).

    I'm not too sure if what I said is correct. A bit lazy to check.
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    I understand the concept icon_wink.gif

    Thank's boy's !
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    There's one other huge difference between conditional forwarding and stub zones. Lets say you have port 53 blocked on your external You ONLY want your authoritative dns server sending out port 53 requests on your external link. Now with a stub zone, when a client does a dns request to lets say a child domain that is on another segment on the other side of the firewall. If there is a stub zone on the server, the server will actually send back a referral to the client and then the client will go contact the other server. The thing is, port 53 is blocked so the query will fail. 53 is only allowed on the dns server. With a conditional forwarder, instead of sending a referral back to the client, the server will actually go fetch the answer and actually contact the other server itself. If you get any questions stating port 53 is only allowed on the server and you need to resolve a specific domain, should you use a conditional forwarder or a stub zone, then you'd definitely choose conditional forwarder because the server which is allowed to use port 53 will go fetch the answer.

    Good luck on the exam!
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    God concept man , Thank's again !

    I think I saw this point somwhere else , and I coulden't answer now I can ! icon_lol.gif
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    how did you get on?
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