New CCNA, is Net+ worth it?

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I'm a proud new holder of a CCNA as of last week, and would like to continue my cert path, while maybe taking a bachelors further down the road. My next cert would be A+, but then i'm confused.

Am I capable of passing the Network+ based on my knowledge gained by the CCNA and A+, or go the study=books=more money route?
I am considering this as I would also like to obtain an MSCE/MCSA, and the combination of A+ and Net+ would give me an elective. Or do I forget the Net+, since I have the CCNA, and take on Security+ or Server+ instead? Sorry for any confusion, I am the confused one...

Any comments or opinions would be appreciated.Thanks


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    Congrats on the CCNA.

    I guess it really depends on what area you wish to go into and if you want to have a bunch of pretty letters on your business card. I would think that after completing A+ you could get a basic revision book like Mike Meyers Passport Series and do Net+ after a little revision. I would however suggest that you visit the Comptia site and check out the objectives (Not right now though - the site is down once more icon_rolleyes.gif ). Security+ is a different kettle of fish to other Comptia offerings and if you were thinking along those lines I would suggest that you do some serious study.
    A+ and Net+ are replacement for an elective for MCSA, but not MCSE. Sec+ is a replecement for one of the two security requirements for MCSA + Sec and MCSE + Sec. Like always, the secretary disavows any knowledge and suggests that you visit the appropriate vendor site.
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    i would probably suggest giving network+ a miss. ccna probably covers more than the basics offered by network+, so if you decide to follow a microsoft path for a while, all you would be missing would be any *nix/novell ground covered.
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