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I am currently getting ready to go for my A+. I have been taking practice exams and reading. I am wondering if I should go asap and take the exam before it changes test format/material in november. I heard it is not adaptive anymore, and while I only partially understand the concept, I think I like it better having a set number of questions and a non-derived score based on just a couple of questions. Are certifications based on the length that you have had it, or the material that is covered in the test date. So a test from the current question selection will be good for 2 years or is it I have a certification which I can hold for 3 years from the time I get it?


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    This would obviously be a choice of preference. If you feel comfortable to get it over with now, Why not? Get it outta the way.. But if you dont feel comfortable. Wait for the next test. I am not sure of the exact difference's, but i cant see it being tooo drastic. Weather it be adaptive or standard, you are being tested on the same material.
    For you second question, by what people have been telling me, the A+ is a test that is good for a lifetime. IT doesnt really expire, and you dont really have to renew it. Me personnally, i think it is a foot in the door. 10 years down the road, i doubt an employer would say "ya ever gonna upgrade that old ass a+ of yours?". Now microsoft on the other hand is a different story.

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