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hi everyone

i have the Core exam on Tuesday .. what is about linear format qustions.. i don't have any idia.?


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    This is the way COMPtia describes the linear format.
    A+ exams consist of two exams and both tests are administered in an adaptive format. Each test consists of 80 questions and are scored on a scale of 100 - 900. The minimum passing score for the A+ Core Hardware exam is 467 and the minimum passing score for the A+ OS Technologies exam is 469. Ninety minutes are allowed to complete each exam.

    It's no big thing. It's just an exam. It's just that, previously(like when I took my A+ tests)the exams were adaptive format. In adaptive format you were given 20-30 questions. As you proceeded in answering, if you got one wrong, you were given an easier one--if right, a little harder one. The harder ones got a higher mark than the easier ones so that if you got several hard ones correct, the exam would end sooner because you could reach a point where you could not fail.

    Hope that is not confusing.

    With adaptive, you couldn't go back and review an answer. It's my understanding that with linear, you can go back a review possible wrong answers. That could be an advantage.
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    Linear is the best. First of all you can score higher because the test doesnt end as soon as you get enough points. Second you can mark the questions and go back to it later. I marked about half of them checked them and had 30 mins left.
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    you still get plenty of time to answer the questions. my a+ exams were adaptive and i completed them in about ten minutes of the thirty allowed. my network+ was linear and i completed it in forty of the hour-and-a-half allowed.

    the questions are probably the same (except those on the new objectives, obviously), the exam is just marked differently.
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    bellboy wrote:
    the questions are probably the same (except those on the new objectives, obviously), the exam is just marked differently.
    What about the WinXP questions i've been hearing about on the OST?
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    I just took the OS part of the A+ and it was not that bad at all. I got a couple of XP questions but the majority of my questions came from WIN95 and even DOS. I would make sure you study up on that! If you know Win2K, you should be fine in XP. There are differences, but nothing major that the A+ test is going to test you on.
    Good Luck!
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