I passed the test today!

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:D Hi everyone!
I passed A+ Core Hardware test today! I'm so excited.
My score was 900 but I was sure I made some mistakes....
I took around 45min to finish the test.
I have no idea how CompTIA calculate the score???
Anyway English is not my native language, so I was worried.
I'll have A+ OS test next week sometime. Hopefully I'll pass...

Practice Exams in this site is very good and helpful.
Thank you so much!


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    Thank you! Webmaster! :P

    I was very nervus especially I heard that test has been changed to Linear.
    But I read this forums and many people wrote about it and it helped me much. Thank you everyone!
    The staffs of the test centre, they are very nice and tried to relax me.
    I thank them too.
    Actually I couldn't believe my score when I saw it! I'm very happy.

    Now I'm just doing A+ OS Practice exam in this site.
    Mmmmmm..... I need much more Practice I guess.

    Well... I'll see how it will go next week!
    Wish me luck!
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    Thank you Ghent!
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    Great score! Congratulations!

    Best of luck on OS.
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    some exam providers (i am not sure if this includes comptia or not), although they offer their exams in several languages, will allow extra time to speakers of languages that they do not offer, to compensate for non-native speakers.

    keep working at the operating systems practice. if you did not study for the operating systems exam at the same time that you studied for the core, it could take a month or two to get ready.

    don't forget to post any queries or problems on this forum, as many of the regular posters will be more than happy to give their own spin on what you are having difficulties with.
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    :D great job HIGH FIVE!!!
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    Thank you janmike, bellboy and carbunkle!

    Regarding the comment of bellboy,
    Yes, CompTIA offers their exams in several languages, but unfotunately I couldn't have the exam in my native language here icon_eek.gif f. In this case, I had 30min time extention if I need.

    I already studied about OS 8month ago, but I couldn't make up my mind for having test that time....
    I should go to overseas from the end of this month for one month. If I want to have exam before 2003version comes up, I shoud do it within 2weeks icon_cry.gif .... I really need luck and brain!

    About exam which I just had,
    Questions were quite basic. I'm working for IT industry, and maybe peple who visit this site does too.
    If you study with your texts or some study tools and you understand them, you don't have to worry too much. Just relax!
    IRQ and I/O address, I think that better to remember these.
    Already many posters mentioned about it, but I want to mention it again.
    I've got one question about USB2.0. Luckily I knew the answer but didn't expect to have question about USB2.0. I'm not sure that I could write what question was here??? Is that OK or not?

    Good luck to all of you who will have exam! icon_wink.gif
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    You shouldn't repeat the question. However, it's good, and OK, to mention the existence of the subject on the exam. USB 2.0 has been around for some time. I read one site that said that the standard it was established in the year 2000.

    It boils down to: Do you want to do IT or not. If you do you need to know about USB 2.0. We all have to stay current even if we don't need to A+ test again. You knew because you're a good Technician, not just because you learned the answer out of a book.

    Again, congratulations on the pass.
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Thank you janmike again!

    Anyway I had OS exam yesterday.....
    Only 9days for preparing for it.
    Anyway I passed score 780 of 900! Lucky me?! :D

    I'll write about OS exam on the "A+ OS Technologies".
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