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Ok i came home form college today and switched my computer on as usual, but when i type my user name and password to login it froze as soon as i pressed enter at my desktop backround(no icons, no start menu), I restarted a few times and got the same problem. I then went into safe mode to see if i could load the windows components without freezing like in normal mode, as typed my user name and password to login i got a Windows Explorer error message that said "The instruction at "Ox10002e30" referenced memory at 0x10002e30". The memory could not be read". I went into task manager while in safe mode to try and run exploerer.exe but got the same error message. Can anyone please help? I really have no clue what to do to fix this problem and really don't want to reformat and install windows xp. icon_cry.gif

Thanks in advanced.


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    Can't find that memory error on google. - as it says a memory error you have to figure out if it is a XP memory handling error or perhaps a faulty memory chip. If you have 2 or more sticks of RAM try running with one and see how you go. If it is a XP problem you can reinstall over top without formatting and that should sort the problem.
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    Ok i solved the problem, thanks for you're help anyway(really i do appreciate people trying help me) :)

    Oh and you're probably wondering how i fixed it, well me being the techy noob that i am decided to a do a system restore hoping that it would some how solve the problem, well surprisingly it did icon_confused.gif but im glad i have to access to computer again so who cares :P :D
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    sometimes, and i speak particularly of my windows 95 days (i may have done it in 98 though), it's not a bad idea to overinstall the operating system, as it can repair some dodgy dll files and stuff.

    another tip, again mainly for windows 95, is that the virtual memory can get fragmented, so i used to switch off virtual memory (or was it rest it to manual and have it at 0mb?) and then run scandisk and defrag.
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