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I am ready to take my A+ core test but before I do that I have a question about vouchers.

I registered an account with Pearson VUE and I am ready to make a payment for the Core test. Does anyone have any info on what I need to do to take the test at a discounted price. I have heard ppl talk about vouchers but I am not really sure how to go about getting one.

Do I have to pay first then send Pearson VUE the voucher??? Basically I dont want to get ripped of money wise when I am sure other ppl get the test at a discounted price via vouchers. Basically...i have no clue what I am doing. icon_rolleyes.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_rolleyes.gif


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    Get a discount voucher here--this is not the only place you can get a discount voucher but it's where I got mine.


    After you purchase your voucher and get your voucher number(or whatever the verification method is)go to VUE and sign up for and schedule the exam. Somewhere in the registration process you will enter the voucher verification and you will receive a receipt for full payment for the exam fee.

    All you do then is go pass the test.
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    http://www.getcertified4less.com/testvouchervue.asp?source=techexams is the recommended techexams link to getcertified4less. voucher purchases from this link help support the site.
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    thanks for the help. I am looking at buying this voucher...

    A+ test voucher bundle - VUE
    - One A+ test voucher (Retail $145). Good for either Core or Operating system exam
    - Cert guide (download pdf) from Author Tcat Houser

    Regular Price: $174 Our Price: $100.00

    Is paying $100.00 for one half of the cert a good price?
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    $100 fair enough. I checked with COMPtia site. Retail price is listed as $145.

    Tnx to bellboy for link. I havn't cruised the site enough I guess. I'll use that link for my Server+ voucher soon.
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    You can also get vouchers from www.comptiavouchers.com too. They are discounted and include white papers. That is where I got mine from for the A+.

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