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Hi Everyone,

I'm posting this for someone else.
As far as I can gather this person has re-installed win98 on their computer but can only get 16 bit colour (not sure what he had before he installed it) he now wants to know how he can get more bits.
He seems to think if he installs win98 again with another product key that may do the trick but where he has got that idea from I don't know.
Anyway, can anyone explain how he can get more bits?
Someone else has the same problem too...they had win98 and upgraded to win2000. Win98 was fine but the graphics are not very clear on win 2000.... any suggestions?
Is it to do with the graphics card? How can he get 24 bit colour for instance?
Cheers folks.
Please advise coz this question has been bugging me for sometime.
Thanks again xx icon_confused.gif


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    If the graphics card supports 24-bit but is not available you probably need to install an updated driver, which you should be able to download from the manufacturer's site.
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    Not sure what the graphics card supports... will it not already have a driver installed?
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    Some gfx cards will not support 24bit colordepth, but will only allow you 16 and 32bit. Difference between 24 and 32 being something about the way the colors are calculated or summin... a few picky applications might not be happy about ther lack of 24bpp, but these tend to be rare and of a very specialised nature.

    Basic troubleshooting: Get the latest mobo drivers (AGP part being important), deinstall the old ones, get the latest gfx card drivers, deinstall the old ones (best to get a proper deinstaller from the manufacturer or instructions on how to get rid of driver remnants from some forum), install the new ones mobo and the the gfx drivers.

    about Win98 vs W2k: Same Spiel as above, but you might want to check if there are more up to date monitor drivers around. Check if the refresh rate is stuck at 60Hz by an chance. If so, do a little research on this issue, as it used to be quite common and wrecking peoples eyes big time :)
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    just reinstall the video drivers...
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