New A+ Format???

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Just remembered in my sieve like brain. Comptia A+ exams are supposed to be changing format from multiple choice to a written style of exam.

I am not sure when exactly but my ex-trainers are gearing up for the change. I don't know if this will just affect the A+ or all Comptia exams.

What do you think to the change, for better or for worse?

Has anyone else heard anything like this?


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  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    imho, if computer exams changed from multiple choice format to the type of exam where you have to provide the answer for yourself, then there would be fewer certified technicians about.
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  • CrossCross Member Posts: 234
    I have to go and agree with "beelboy" on this one. Having written exams will slow the amount of individuals who are willing to get certified.
    Also it will be tougher for the company to actually distinguish writing and telling right from wrong answers.
    Multiple choice is the simplest and convenient way to go and remain
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    I have searched the CompTIA site and find nothing there to make be believe that the format will change. There are new objectives due out next year, but after the time and expense of changing to the adaptive format I would discount that rumor.
    I would also think that if CompTIA is looking at changing Network+ to adaptive then that should be a good indication of their thinking.
    Written answers need someone to mark them - VUE and Prometrics do not provide those facilities to my knowledge.
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    I don't know.. it could've been a lie to scare us. I myself prefer written exams, it gives me a chance to show off my knowledge. But I have been doing written tests for 6 years so I guess I am just used to it. I found the multiple choice daunting.

    You could do written tests online if it were a one word answer.


    I found that learning about yourself is the hardest lesson of them all.
  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    the present i.t. format could be used for online testing, but there is no way to authenticate that the candidate is the actual person taking the exam.

    it would be so much more handy. but i guess there are too many cheaters about.
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