Be honest... did you guys fail?

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    Well done Majik6 thats a great score :D but i thought 900 was the highest score
    if i was you i would just study your books for atleast 3 weeks before you take the os alot of people have said there are a few xp questions on the test but as these are not on the 2001 objects im not sure if the will count

    any way well done and good luck
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    one thing i found useful with a+ study was labwork. i had two computers networked together using crossover cable. this was the basis of my coverage of the networking portions of both exams, and it did help.

    the two computers i used were set up to dualboot o/s. one machine booted windows 98se and nt, while the other dualbooted windows 95 and win2k. as well as the experience of what was needed to configure a simple peer-to-peer network, it was also good for comparing each o/s - what was where, what is was named, etc.
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    I have to admit that I did not only fail my first time, I BOMBED the A+. When I got out of college 2 years ago, I had a really bad ego. I didn't open a book and for the most part, did not study one bit. After taking an "entry level" test and failing that bad, my ego came back down real fast!
    In the past 2 years I have grown up and started studying the material like everyone else!
    My advise to you is to take a lot of practice exams. Dont' just memorize the answers though. Make sure you know the "how and why" the answer is what it is. Also, take a couple different reference guides and read them through. Those books cover the expectations of the exam!
    A+ All-In-One by Mike Meyers is the book that I used
    Good Luck
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    Hey Again Majik,

    Well im glad to hear that you are back on track! I was in almost the exact same boat as you. I dropped it for a couple years as well. I did happen to land and network position and decided that I needed to prove to myself that I could pass these cert. tests that I have always strived for. A couple months ago I started studying for the A+. Now I am onto Network +. Where the road ends, we may never know! haha
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    I didnt get any voucher or anything so since I was paying full price I took the tests very seriously and really crammed and crammed. But from what I hear the people that fail are always the people who are way to confident in their computer abilities
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    I took and passed the Core then failed the os twice. I was having some serious personal problems that were taking my mind off of studying. I picked up the books again in feb. of last year and been knocking out certs ever since. The good thing about failure is that it shows you that you need to work harder and kicks your butt in to gear.
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    I have NOT failed, yet. So far, I'm 1 for 1. I easily passed the A+ Core last week, and I hope to complete the OS part next week (hope to go 2 for 2 on exams).
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    Scored an 865. :D
    Network Tech student, actively learning Windows 2000, Linux, Cisco, Cabling & Internet Security.
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