Is this book O.K.?

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Hey all,

I've been reading previous posts suggesting which study guides are advised.

I am wondering if the book I've been using will pull its weight when match up against the current objectives?

So, the book is David Groth's A+ Complete Study Guide 2nd Ed. (isbn 0782128025).

Anyone know what's up with this one?



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    I am not sure of which edition Groth is up to and the only one I have sighted is the Deluxe edition. However I took A+ a couple months ago using Mike Meyers All In One 3rd edition (4th is current) and passed easily. I have heard lots of good things about Groth as a Tech writer, so if it is only 1 edition out of date it should be satisfactory.
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    When I did the A+ (seems like it must be a little over a couple of years now) I used the Mike Meyers book and there was way more information in that book than you need for the test but, wow, what a great reference book on the shelf in the office.
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