Taking 640-607 tomorrow at 11:30

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Hi all,

taking the test tomorrow morning. Just found this website this morning...kinda late. Wondering if someone will know these answers...

1. WHen doing a sim question during the test...will the TAB work if you forget part of the command syntax? meaning, show ip rou [TAB], it will complete show ip route for you...


3. My study book (a cisco book - Cisco Exam 640-607) said i should remember those numbers for RFC....Do you think thats neccessary? (There are ALOT ALOT Of RFC to remember if this is true)

Like, WHich RFC has been superceded by RFC2427?
a. RFC 1488
b. RFC 1489
c. RFC 1490
d. RFC 1491
e. RFC 1492

ANything like that? (Correct answer is C, RFC1490...for anyone that wants to know)

4. Will they tell you how many correct answers there are in each questions (Multiple choice)?

Like, What are the characteristic or characteristics for TCP? (and NOT telling you how many correct answers are in there...you can choose alll 5, or only 1...they leave that up to you.)

a. connection oriented
b. acknowledgement
c. multiplexing
d. error recovery
e. flow control

5. Someone said there are fill in blanks...does that mean its something like this?

Like, ___ is connectionless. (and then ask you to type in the answer, which is UDP - if thats the case, should I type in UDP? or the full name? I cant even remember the name for UDP...)

Or Like, ___ is connection less
a. UDP
b. TCP
c. PPP
e. FTP

Which model are the type of FILL IN BLANKS?

6. They say there are drag and drop...what type of questions can be drag and drop? I cant even think of one....can you give me a model questions that can appear in the drag and drop type questions?

7. I am using RouteSim 5.12 from Bosos, I noticed that if you type,
show host or show hostS --- this will not make a difference. Same as show Interface or ShOw InTeRfAcES -- will not make a difference too. The route sim will take it. BUT, show ip interface - WORKED OK. show ip interfaces --- NOT OK with routerSim.

I want to know, during my sim questions on the ccna test tomorrow, if i made a typo during the sim questions...like, instead of show, i type shaw....will that cause a negative effect in their grading system? Or they only care about the results after you configure what you need to configure?

I Hope someone can answer my questions today. :P



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    1. Yes, the CLI is full functional, even ? works.
    2. You are asking information that people are not allowed to disclose according the confidentiality agreement they agreed to when they took the exam.
    3. No, such questions are usually meant to see if you 'learned' the contents of the chapter.
    4. In most cases they do, in some rare cases it is choose all that apply.
    5. I'm not completely sure, but I think they've stopped using fill-in-the blanks some years ago. You might get drag-and-drop questions where you have to place the correct parts of commands in the correct order.
    6. See answer to 5.
    7. The routersim is more advance than you might think. I won't accept incorrect commands (syntax errors) just like a real router. You don't need to use complete commands either, for example you can use conf t instead of config terminal or int e0 instead of interface ethernet 0 etc. If you are actually going to configure routers in the future you will see that for example, you'll never type show, always sh. Also, copy the running configuration to the startup-config when your done (after checking it with sh run), just like you would do in a real-life scenario...

    Good luck!
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    I see. Thanks for your help.

    Another question, For 640-607, my study book said they emphasize in Distance Vector mostly, and they did not explain LinkState or Balance Hybrid in full details. Do you think it is enough that I know the basics of those, and NOT knowing how to configure them?

    I dont believe linkstate and balance hybrid are mentioned in the cisco exam guidelines as well.

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    For 640-607, yes. The new CCNA focusses more on routing protocols, including link state, but configuring them is something for the BSCI exam. For 640-607 it is important to know the operation (overview, not in detail), typical characteristics, hence differences with distant vector protocols.
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    Thank you.

    I am doing a final walk throught on my notes, books, tests, sims...

    If I come across more questions, I will definitely post it in here, and look forward for the correct answers.

    THank you very much again.
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    Good, good luck !!!
    read slowly icon_lol.gif

    see ya
    "Mess with the best, Die like the rest"
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    should I try to remember RIP2 for exam 607? I really dont think its in there, but since this is my first time taking it. I am not in a position to judge...

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    Yes, you may be questioned on RIP basics, version 1,2 and the differences.
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    I just took the exam today and passed - 885 (need 849 to pass). It was a tough exam, more pressure due to the time constraints.

    1. The TAB key doesn't work, neither does the CTRL key (can't use CTRL Z, must use exit) or the ?.

    5. I didn't have any fill in the blanks, but did have a couple "type in the box" questions.

    6. A type of question that could be used for drag and drop would be to place in order the layers of the OSI model.

    7. I made a couple typos during the sim questions. Some due to the slow response of the system - 1 to 2 second delay from type to see on screen. The sim just acted as if it was a router, gave you "Invalid input detected at ^ marker".

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck!
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    WHich exam did you take today, was it the 607? or 801?

    Did the test hit you with RIP2 big time?

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    Took the 640-607.

    Also checkout the following link about the sim questions:

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    when you are doing sim questions...and if you made some typos...and hit enter...will the grading system count that toward you?

    or is it like, as long as what they want are configured after you hit submit button, its all fine?

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    Not sure if it counts against you or not. Not exactly sure what they are testing you on.

    My thoughts are it only looks at the startup-config file when you are done with the sim (click on Next).
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    show access-list
    def: show details of configured ACL for all protocols

    show ip access-list
    def: It will show ip access lists

    I cannot get show ip access-list to work with my router sim, which mode are you suppose to be in, and what is the difference between the two?

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    kklentz wrote:
    Not sure if it counts against you or not. Not exactly sure what they are testing you on.

    My thoughts are it only looks at the startup-config file when you are done with the sim (click on Next).

    It is indeed only the end result that counts, you may add, remove, change commands before saving it.
    1. The TAB key doesn't work, neither does the CTRL key (can't use CTRL Z, must use exit) or the ?.
    The router simulator in my BSCI exam was fully functional... icon_confused.gif
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    i am confused...whats the defaults for these?

    From what I know...

    For a Bridge - default is store & forward
    For a Switch - Default is ? (I know it supports fragment free, cut through, or store & forward)
    For a router - default is store & forward

    so, whats the default method for switch? or does it matter with which switch I am relating to? How about catalyst 1900's ( I blieve it is fragment free)

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