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I'm applying for this position and I'm talking to this recruiter who knows absolutely nothing about the technologies to begin with.

Anyways, I ask him how is day is going and he mutters something like "its a pain in the ----", but he didn't actually say the word.

To me this seems unprofessional. The guy talks with me like he is from Kentucky and speaks generally like a moron.

I just feel that he is underqualified and very unprofessional. I can't believe IT jobs rest in his hands.

IMO get rid of all tech recruiters. Worthless.



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    I agree to an extent. I was contacted by someone with Robert Half... The wench was incredibly rude and very arrogant. She contacted my two days in a row (I missed both calls icon_lol.gif ). The second time she sounded like I was inconveniencing her somehow by not picking up my phone. It would take a great recruiter and a sweet job to get me to ever trust these people... I still have faith in other companies, until I find reason to hate them as well (though I'm guessing that won't take much).
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    Great quote from Homer Simpson! hahaha icon_lol.gif

    Robert Half is another company I dealt with that gives me pains.
    They could have the most qualified person standing in front of them and they still wouldn't know what to do with them.

    Can we eliminate recruiters all together? I know if I start a consulting company I will never use a recruiter. Dice.com, monster.com, hotjobs.com, lots of other resources...

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