Advice for hardware test takers

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I've been reading the posts on this forum for the last 2 weeks and I've found it to be helpful and interesting. The practice exams were extremely helpful. I passed the hardware test on Wednesday with a score of 686. My test was very technical and tough. You could not pass it by doing practice exams and I'm glad I didn't rely solely on them to pass it.

My best advice for either test is to download the objectives and cover them one by one. There are alot of good websites out there with some great information, but there are also many that offer free practice exams that have incorrect information in them. I would recommend that you go to CompTIA's site and use the vendors listed under training providers fsuch as Thompson Course Technology or PrepLogic. I found free exams out there from Preplogic that were very helpful and technical.

I have been rebuilding, configuring, networking, and troubleshooting pcs for the last 8 years (since Windows 3.1) and do these tasks daily at work, but I still went over the objectives and refreshed my memory especially on some of the older technologies.

Good luck to everyone and I hope this helps give you a direction for study.


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