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It was a great day for me. I succesfully completed the Operating Systems exam. I scored a 616/900. This one was more difficult, in my opinion, to be ready for.


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    what %-age of questions related to windows xp?
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    About 4-6%..3-5 questions, I believe.
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    i'm just trying to ask questions that the other candidates may want to know ;)

    where the xp questions on firewalls? can you give rough pointers?
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    Congrats, what are you moving on to next?
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    bellboy, I don't think I recall seeing an XP question on firewalls. I only remember that one question contained Windows XP as one of the choices for an answer, and I think one question had to do with XP and some command. I knew there would be XP questions, but 4-5 of them was a bit more than expected.

    Lexx, I'm probably going to wait a bit (not long). A+ (along with my associate degree) is likely just the beginning for me, which means that I'll likely be going for more certifications in the future. I think Network+ will be the next thing I work on, and possibly Linux+. Oracle may be something I want to do, as well. I would like to know when Network+ will be changing exams (like the A+ will be doing next week). I don't want to study for old material, and learn later that I'm going to have to take an exam with new material I haven't covered at all.
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    congrats on the pass. I go for mine on saturday.
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    Good point cb6000, well good luck with your Network+. I personally liked studying for the Net+ and the i-Net+ the most, lots of good information in those tests. They build a good foundation for the rest of the software/hardware specific tests out there.
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